January 17, 2017

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Case Histories

Find case histories of problems solved in different industrial applications. Learn tools and techniques that can help you solve similar problems and minimize or eliminate unexpected failures and downtime at your plant. Learn from professionals across the world about their experiences in solving problems that can be very similar to yours, or share your experience by sending us your case histories so that others can learn as well....



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Products & Solutions

NATCOM provides its clients the best asset management solutions on the market including the most advanced and most capable, yet easy to use, hardware and software products from the global leading technology providers coupled with first class local support and engineering services. Our products fall under the following 3 categories:

  1. Maintenance & Reliability Products & Systems.
  1. Machinery Control & Protection Systems & Solutions.
  1. Engineered Products and Repair Services for Critical Assets.


Services & Consulting

NATCOM services team of engineers delivers a full range of range of maintenance services and solutions tailored to every industry according to its special needs. In addition, NATCOM offers the best and the most complete range of support, consulting, and training services in the industry.

NATCOM's success is built upon the value it brings to its customers through providing services and support that brings real value to their organizations and that reflects on their bottom line resuluts. We strive to provide the best and the higest quality services to our clients and provide conclusive results and solutions. Therefore our clients in all industry sectors range from small local intities to multinational cross-contenet organizations. NATCOM services team are called by these organizations around Egypt and in the Middle East region to solve difficult machinery problems and get them back online producing profits.


Wish to become an acknowlegdged vibration analyst world-Wide ?

Attend Category I, Category II and Category III Vibration Training Courses with optional certification exams. Courses and certification exams are ISO / ASNT compliant delivered under license of Mobius Institute that is acknowledged world-wide. 

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- Emerson releases the CSI 2140, the world most capable Machinery Health Analyzer.

- NATCOM becomes the Channel Partner in Egypt for Cook Compression.

- NATCOM enters into strategic alliance with the leading MRO supplier " DEG".

- NATCOM becomes the Channel Partner in Egypt for Compressors Control Corporation – CCC (USA).

Asset Reliability Technology Center

Come and visit our Asset Reliability Technology Center where you can see most of our technologies in action and talk to our professional engineers who can show you live product demos, simulate faults and show you the results, and discuss your specific application requirements.

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