October 20, 2018

Equipment Available for Field Services
NATCOM holds an unmatched set of equipment and tools for conducting field services and consulting work in machinery Health Management in all varieties of insutries. The list includes, but not limited to:

1. Single & Dual channel machinery Health Analyzers.

2. Mult-channel (up to 32 channels) Machinery Health Analyzers and transportable monitoring systems 

    providing live acquisition of steady state and transient data.

3. Precision Laser Alignment Equipment.

4. Precision Balance Equipment.

5. Motor Diagnostics Equipment.

6. Infrared Thermal Imaging.

7. Lubrication Analysis and Monitoring Labs.

8. Reciprocating Machinery Analyzer.

9. Online Monitoring Systems.

10. Torsional Analysis Equipment.

11. Software packages for multitude of analysis applications.

12. Others.


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