November 18, 2018

December 16th, 2016

NATCOM is pleased to announce that it has been appointed as a Local Business Partner by Rexa, Inc., USA, for the market of Egypt.

Rexa, Inc. is the global leader in Electro Hydraulic Actuation and is the holder of “Electraulic” brand. Rexa, designs and manufactures Electro Hydraulic Actuators for critical applications requiring precison, fast and precisue response, and reliability in industries such as chemical, power generation, oil & gas, steel, water treatment, etc.

Rexa’s actuatiors are based on the patented closed, self contained electro-hydraulic system that ensures unmatched reliability, trouble free operation, fast response for critical applications.

NATCOM and Rexa will be working hand-in-hand to bring this technology to the industrial applications in Egypt to solve problems faced with conventional actuation systems and ensure relaibility and economic production.


June, 2016

NATCOM is pleased to announce that it has been appointed as a Local Business Partner by Windrock, Inc., USA, for the market of Egypt.

Windrock, Inc. is the innovatior and global leader of Reciprocating Compressor and Engine Condition Monitoring and Protection System. Windrock systems, both portable and online installed systems help users of reciprocating machinery ensure relaibility and efficiency while greatly reducing cost and rist of machinery failures. With Windrock Reciprocating monitoring technology, costly overhauls and unplanned failures are things of the past.

NATCOM and Windrock will be working hand-in-hand to bring this technology to the industrial applications in Egypt to improve reciprocating machinery health, minimize maintenance and operating cost, maximize reliability and profits. 


Cairo, June 2013

Emerson’s next-generation vibration analyzer enables faster data collection and analysis.

CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer provides complete tool for assessing and presenting mechanical equipment health.

Knoxville, Tennessee (June 17, 2013) – Emerson Process Management has introduced the CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer, the next generation of its portable tools for analyzing machinery vibration to detect potential problems before they lead to unplanned downtime.

The analyzer’s new ergonomic shap and lighter weight make data-collection routes easier on users. Data collection is over 50% faster than with other analyzers, minimizing the time spent in uncomfortable or dangerous environments and allowing technicians to complete the collection more quickly. The screen is easy to read in both direct sunlight and dark areas and auto-adjusts based on ambient lighting.

Because over 50% of mechanical issues are caused by bearing wear, effective monitoring of bearing health is a key component of a reliability program. With four-channel data collection, users can collect vertical, horizontal, and axial readings on a bearing at the same time. Using this data and Emerson’s PeakVue™ technology, reliability technicians can detect compromised bearing performance earlier than with any other measurement technique. In addition, advanced diagnostics embedded in the CSI 2140 helps users drive to the root cause of mechanical issues.

Most vibration programs require a cables connection to the plant asset database in order to upload data for analysis. The CSI 2140 can send collection data wirelessly from the field to the office. Technicians can then continue on their route-or start another route - without a return trip to the maintenance shop. The data is also available for analysis by specialist at corporate headquarters or other locations.

Additional CSI 2140 capabilities enable users to perform single, dual, or four-channel vibration analysis, cross-channel analysis, transient analysis, structural analysis, AC electric motor monitoring, and 4-plane dynamic balancing – providing a complete, easy to use toold for fast, accurate assessment of rotating machinery health. Learn more about the CSI 2140 and dowload Product Info/Datasheets.

About Emerson Process Management:

Emerson Process Management ( , and Emerson business, is a leader in helping businesses automate their production, processing and distribution in the chemical, oil and gas, refining, pulp and paper, power, water and wastewater treatment, mining and metals, food and beverage, life sciences and other industries. The company combines superior products and technology with industry-specific engineering, consulting, project management and maintenance services. Its brands include PlantWeb™, Syncade™, DeltaV™, Fisher®, Micro Motion®, Rosemount®, Bettis®, Daniel™, Ovation™, and AMS Suite.

About Emerson:

Emerson (NYSE: EMR), based in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), is a global leader in bringing technology and engineering together to provide innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and consumer markets around the world. The company is comprised of five business segments: Process Management, Industrial Automation, Network Power, Climate Technologies, and Commercial Residential Solutions. Sales in fiscal 2012 were $24.4 billion. For more information, visit

Cairo, November 18th, 2011

NATCOM is pleased to announce that it has signed a strategic alliance agreement with DEG, the Egyptian MRO distributor & solution provider and EPTDA member.

The alliance aims to provide 47 years of experience, holding a solid portfolio consisting of mechanical MRO products and machinery health management services and solutions. Carrying over 40 world-class brands, this alliance offers tangible value to manufacturers and industrial companies in the region.

Samer Khalil, Vice President – DEG, comments: “We are proud to have joined forces with NATCOM to provide our customers with complete mechanical MRO and reliability solutions. The main purpose behind our alliance is to create more value for our clients. Our mission is clear and straight forward “ we aim to deliver premium MRO products and Machinery Health Management solutions that increase our clients’ profitability by driving forward reliability, productivity, knowledge and maintenance capabilities”. It is an honor to work together with NATCOM to achieve thisgoal, and we really look forward to offering our market such a unique experience.”

Khairy A. Arsanios, Managing Director – NATCOM, comments: “It is our firm belief that our strategic alliance with DEG will provide both NATCOM and DEG a better chance of helping our customers achieve success and realize the real potential of employing the latest MRO and Machinery Health Management solutions that will vastly improve their production assets reliability, minimize their total cost of ownership, maximize their profits and give them a real competitive edge. It is a major step in our business history to have joined forces with such a great organization as DEG with its unique position, capability, dedication, and strength. We are very proud of this partnership and are enthusiastic about our mutual future, but more importantly about what we can help our customers achieve.”


Cairo, Egypt, October 3, 2011 It is with great pleasure to announce that NATCOM has been chosen to be the Channel Partner of Compressors Control Corporation – CCC of the USA.

CCC is acknowledged as the world leader in turbo-machinery controls offering unique control strategies aiming to leverage plants’ most critical equipment health through better control. CCC’s offerings include:

  • Centrifugal and axial compressors’ performance and anti-surge control
  • Steam turbine & extraction control
  • Gas Turbine Control
  • Expander Control
  • Over-speed protection system
  • Centrifugal air compressor control
  • Compressor Load Sharing Control

With over 35 years of experience in turbo-machinery controls, CCC brings to customers tailored solutions to fit their own need/application and that is done through CCC’s Profit Enhancement Program (PEP).


Turbo Machinery is running all over the globe controlled by CCC Controls. CCC controls are either delivered through the OEMs such as GE, Siemens, ManTurbo, DeLaval, Elliott, Solar Turbines, etc. or as retrofit to the existing old control delivered by the OEM. Over 8000 installations including 2000+ Gas and Steam Turbines are running with or upgraded by CCC controls. Locally, CCC controls are driving critical compressors at many facilities including GUPCO, WEPCO, BAPETCO, EgyptianLNG, SEGas LNG, CORC, etc.


Compressor Controls Corporation is one of the Roper Industries Energy Systems & Control group of companies, a global leader with diversified business portfolio and track success records.



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