October 20, 2018

SDT Ultrasonic Technology

Ultrasonic technology provides the most precise and cost-effective solutions in leak detection, tightness testing, predictive maintenance and automatic quality control in factories.

SDT International is recognised as the world's leading manufacturer of measuring instruments using ultrasonic technology. Its success is based on a history of providing effective solutions to specific problems.

Applications of ultrasonic inspection include Leak Detection, Tightness Testing, Predictive Maintenance, Automatic Quality Control, Mass Flow Measurements, and much more.

Equipment produces unique sound patterns within specific sonic and ultrasonic frequency ranges that change as equipment condition deteriorates. By identifying these patterns, typical faults can be identified in mechanical, electrical, and process equipment. Typical faults include:

  • Bearing Lubrication and Mechanical Failure – 75% of bearing faults are lubricant-related
  • Steam Trap and Valve Malfunction – a single ¼” orifice blowing trap costs $6300 per year
  • Air and Steam Leaks – Eliminate losses typical of $75,000 per year
  • Electrical Discharge – Eliminate safety hazards and early electrical failures
  • Vessel Integrity – Quickly find boiler and condenser leaks.


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