October 20, 2018
Vibration Sensors
Choose from the widest variety of vibration Accelerometers, Velocity Sensors, and Proximity probes to satisfy your exact measurement or monitoring needs; or ask us to help you choose the best sensor to fit your application.

Industrial Accelerometers / Velocity output sensors
Also known as seismic vibration pickups, industrial accelerometers are rugged, stainless steel vibration monitoring sensors for predictive maintenance applications. All IMI sensors are hermetically sealed and case isolated. Our integral cable units are submersible and IMI’s vast product line includes high temperature models (both charge mode and ICP®) and dual output temperature and vibration sensors. IMI sensors interface directly with handheld data collectors for both permanent mount and route based applications.
Accelerometers come in wide variety of sizes, ranges, temperature range, etc. The user has to choose from different categories such as low cost for permanent installation, precision, high temperature, multi-axis, low frequency, high frequency, dual output sensors (acceleration and temperature), and embeddable (for OEM applications).

Proximity Probes / Sensors 
Complete range of Proximity probes / sensors for permanent monitoring of vibration on journal bearing machines, comprising: Probes, extension cables, probe drivers, transmitter, signal conditioners, and mounting hardware accessories. Probes, cables, drivers are interchangeable with Bently Nevada Series 3300, 7200, and 3000. Mounting is baseplate with same mounting hole centers. Available for DIN rail mounting on request

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