October 20, 2018
CSI 9420 Smart Wireless Sensors
The CSI 9420 provides accurate vibration monitoring in hard-to-reach locations via Emerson’s Smart Wireless self-organizing network.

CSI 9330 Wired 4-20 mA machine Fault Transmitter
The CSI 9330 is a continuously operating vibration transmitter that interfaces with existing plant monitoring systems while automatically detecting vibration levels. The CSI 9330 transmitter provides two 4-20 mA outputs from a single accelerometer, overall vibration level and Bearing Health in PeakVue®

4-20 mA Vibration Transmitters


The 4-20 mA vibration transmitters provide the simplest way of monitoring machine vibration. The vibration transmitter combines a vibration sensor, typically an accelerometer and the electronics that convert the measured signal into 4-20 mA signal that is linearly proportional to the desired monitoring parameter which is typically Vibration velocity. A variety of user selectable configurations is available for the user to chose from to meet his monitoring requirements.

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Vibration Switches


The Vibration switches are complete and self contained one point monitoring devices. They come in either mechanical or electronic models. Electronic switches can come with or without local display to provide continuous update on the vibration level. Mechanical switches are designed for less expensive applications, however, electronic switches offer higher precision and a multitude of advantages. Electronic Switches can have single or dual set points that are user adjustable. The output relays are connected to the monitored equipment control circuits.

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Monitors / Panel Meters / Indicators


Monitors: Single and multi-channel monitors for displaying vibration readings in the control room or in the field.


Tell us about your monitoring needs, and we will engineer, design, and build a custom tailored monitoring system to your needs.


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